New Age Solutions for Age-Old Eye Problems

New Age Solutions for Age-Old Eye Problems

Aging muscles, blurred vision and other eye-related issues accompany aging eyes.

While there are old treatments available among eye health care providers like using eye drops and corrective lenses to combat tiredness, soreness, and poor vision, there are also new-age solutions, too.

For example, science has come along way with advancements in handling cataracts and treatments for people with their eye healthcare-related issues.

Minor surgical procedures can be done at the local optometrist’s office now, often inside a mall setting surrounded by an eyewear distributor’s showcase of corrective designer glasses such as EyeBobs, and contact lenses available within an hour or so turn around, beeping you if you go shopping while they work on your order.

In addition, some treatments like special eye drops can be purchased via prescriptions, even ordered online with your prescription to avoid running around town, burning up pricey gas.

And you can purchase corrective reading sunglasses instead of hooking those old-fashioned clip-on types over your everyday glasses.

Order these, too, at the mall while you shop. And order more pairs online from your own home.

Plus there’s more. You can get even more eye safety with UV protection added into the prescriptions of both your glasses and contacts.

This feature can also be added to online orders and at local facilities. Ask in advance for options.

Age-Old Eye Health Care

Although eye care treatments and eyewear have evolved, some of the basics about eye health care still need to be followed. Main basics are:

1.      Give your eyes regularly rest breaks.

Close them for about five minutes every hour, even if you cannot leave your work station.

2.      Don’t rub your eyes harshly when they are sore or tired.

Acknowledge the condition, then relax them, closing them lightly – not tightly, and applying a nice damp washcloth on them to relax tired muscles there.

Then stop using your near sight for awhile: listen to music or television or nothing…

3.      See your eye care provider regularly.

See your eye care provider regularly for check-ups and to update your eyeglasses, reading glasses and contact lens prescriptions.

Plan ahead to be pro-active and note in your calendar when you need to return the next time.

4.      Keep up with the latest eyewear, designer reading glasses, and eye care solutions.

Search online for the latest articles, blog posts, forum threads, video, and audio clips and other content to keep up with the latest eyewear, designer reading glasses, and eye care solutions.

You can have fun with something like a pair of clic reading glasses, or go for the more classic Prada and Calvin Klein styles.

You can find detailed reviews of products and services out there, then discover which might help with your own eye care solutions.

Post on health forums you can find by typing in “health forum” in Google or other top search engines, reviewing listings that show up.

You generally can register for free, then follow the rules there and post for help.

Another place to turn is Yahoo Answers. Register for free, then ask away!

People will come and reply as best they can.

Also seek industry blogs, websites, articles, and ezines.

Look for info on them, places to comment and ask questions, and for contact info  – like in article bylines and in links in them – to reach out and seek more help via email or phone.

The answers are there waiting for you to find them.

The truth of the matter is, your eyes need a little more rest and protection than they used to.

They have been good to you all these years do not abuse them now.

Give them a break every now and then, buy reading glasses when appropriate and protect them from the suns UV rays.

And most important, visit your eye care provider regularly.



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