Tinnitus And Its Causes

Tinnitus And Its Causes

Some people put the worldwide estimate of the number of people who have tinnitus is over one billion.

Of this number, about twelve million in the US suffer from the symptom enough to seek medical attention Many people scratch their heads and ask “What is it?” when tinnitus is brought up.

Tinnitus is also known as ringing in the ears. It is the perception of sound within the ear without the corresponding external sound.

Tinnitus is not a disease. Rather, it is a symptom of a range of underlying medical conditions.


The sound caused by tinnitus can be called:

  • ear ringing sounds
  • screeching
  • buzzing
  • clicking
  • SSSS noises

and can range in volume from subtle to piercing.

Many doctors can battle to pinpoint the root cause of the tinnitus.

What is known however is that some medical maladies are usually behind the tinnitus?

It is been found that damage to the inner ear structures from exposure to loud noise is the number culprit in most cases.

Studies have proven that the ear ringing noises occur most often when the damage has taken place in the inner structures.

The cochlea has thousands of minuscule hairs that vibrate and convert sound to electrical impulses.

The electric impulse will travel to the brain via the auditory nerve which converts it to sound.

The tinnitus hairs in the inner ear structures are easily damaged by sudden or continued loud noises.

These damaged hairs no longer send signals properly and this is what causes the ringing in the ears.

If one suffers from high blood pressure or has high cholesterol levels, tinnitus can also be experienced.

Sometimes even something which is seemingly as trivial as earwax impacted on the eardrum can cause tinnitus.

The consumption of some drugs with ototoxic effects have been known to cause tinnitus as well as too much consumption of over the counter drugs such as aspirin.

Because of the fact that there is a different cause of tinnitus, the treatment for each tinnitus patient could vary from the next person.

The treatments for tinnitus is most often aimed at curing the underlying condition responsible for the tinnitus.

A popular treatment if it can be called that is known as tinnitus masking, which provides temporary relief.

It is possible to mask the tinnitus noises by playing white noise CDs which many find brings some temporary relief from the tinnitus.

Often people who have hearing loss with the tinnitus can experience relief by using hearing aids.

The info provided is for research purposes only.

No medical treatment is meant.

With all health problems, it is recommended for you to talk with a health professional before taking any medical advice.

There are many people who suffer from tinnitus, the condition where you hear ringing in your ears even without any external perceivable sound and can be caused by a number of underlying conditions.

Unfortunately, having tinnitus could greatly affect one’s life. Aside from having general hearing difficulty, some people also have difficulty sleeping or difficulty concentrating because of the constant ringing in their ears.



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